Finding quality unstitched fabric for kurta and other ethnic wear fabrics is never as easy as it may seem. And as Indians, we love celebrating our festivals, marriage functions, and every other social gathering with a touch of ethnic flair. No doubt there's one question that daunts perhaps all of us-


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Before we talk more about fabrics, let's talk about types of fabrics. Knowing about the types of unstitched fabrics available to you, you may get the one you actually need with much less efforts.

Types Of Unstitched Fabrics For Kurta-

Some of the common types of unstitched fabrics for kurta are as listed below-

Chiffon Fabric-

The word chiffon is French and means cloth. The material was first created in the early 1800s and was a big hit in the 1900s. In fact, Coco Chanel made chiffon a household name when she created her first collection with the material.

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 chiffon unstitched fabric for kurta

Chiffon holds dye very well and can be dyed to any color imaginable. It can also be printed on, which makes it easy to design with this fabric. Chiffon is often used for wedding and prom dresses as well as evening wear, due to its sheer look that flows with your every move.


Cotton Fabric-

Cotton is a natural, soft fabric that is breathable and durable. Also, cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics for kurta.

The fluff of the cotton balls is actually the fibers of the cotton plant seed. The fluffy fiber from the seed is often spun into yarn to create a thread that can then be woven or knit into a cloth.

cotton unstitched fabric for kurta

The lightweight and porous fabric is often used in clothing because it's comfortable, durable, and versatile. However, it also wrinkles easily and shrinks after washing.

Cotton also creates many other types of fabrics, including chino, chintz, gingham, and muslin.

Crepe Fabric-

Crepe is a lightweight, twisted plain-woven fabric with a rough, bumpy surface that doesn't wrinkle. It is often made from cotton, silk, wool, or synthetic fibers, making it a versatile fabric. Due to this, crepe is usually called after its fiber; for example, crepe silk or crepe chiffon.

Crepe unstitched fabric for kurta

Crepe is often used in suit and dressmaking since it's soft, comfortable, and easy to work with. For example, georgette is a type of crepe fabric often used in designer clothes. Crepe is also used in blouses, pants, scarves, shirts, and skirts.

The name "crepe" comes from the French word for crimp (krep), which refers to its wrinkly texture. Although some think it refers to the sound this fabric makes when traveling down a runway.

Denim Fabric-

The word "denim" comes from the French serge de Nîmes.

Denim is a robust, hardy fabric that is very much in fashion today. It is used in a variety of apparel, including pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, and shirts. Originally developed for working class use, denim has evolved into a high fashion staple with many luxury designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton offering their own versions of this classic fabric. 

Denim unstitched fabric for kurta

Denim is made from cotton warp yarn and a cotton weft yarn. It is typically colored using indigo dye to create blue jeans. However, other colors are available as well such as black, grey, green, brown, and white.

The color process used for denim makes it very durable and fade resistant which adds to its popularity among consumers who want clothing that will last a long time without showing signs of wear or tear such as fading from washing or exposure to sunlight.

The most popular style of denim clothing is jeans but there are many other styles available such as shorts (or cut-offs), pants (or leggings), shirts (or blouses), jackets (or coats) and dresses (or gowns). Denim is also commonly used for other items like wallets or handbags.

Lace Fabric-

Lace fabric is a delicate and airy type of fabric that often looks like some sort of netting. Because of the way it is woven, lace fabric has a variety of holes and spaces in it, which makes the material very breathable. Lace is also highly durable, which means it can last for a long time without ripping or tearing.

lace unstitched fabric for kurta

Lace fabric can be made from a variety of materials, such as silk, nylon, cotton and man-made fibers. A huge variety of colors are available in lace material. Lace fabric is often used to make wedding dresses and veils because it is so delicate and feminine. Lace fabric can also be used as an accent on clothing or to cover up flaws on a garment.

Leather Fabric-

Leather unstitched fabric for kurta

Leather is a natural material, and when handled with care, it can last for decades. For example, the oldest leather jacket in the world is over 2,000 years old and was found in Thebes, Greece.

To keep your leather goods looking brand new longer, make sure to follow these helpful tips:

  1. Clean your leather fabrics often with a damp cloth.

  2. Use a conditioner if you want to keep your leather soft and supple.

  3. Avoid using harsh soaps or chemicals on your leather fabric.

  4. Never machine wash or dry clean your leather fabric.

Linen Fabric-

Linen is a natural fiber and a very strong, durable fabric. It is resistant to high temperatures, bacteria, and fungi. After the cotton plant, linen is the second most popular fiber in the world. Also, it's not so commonly used as unstitched fabric for kurta given its comparatively high price.

linen unstitched fabric for kurta

Linen is commonly used for bed sheets and tablecloths. It's also used for clothing, especially for suits, dresses, shirts, and pants. Linen fabric doesn't stretch out of shape or wear out easily; it's fairly resistant to tearing, disintegration and mildew.

Satin Fabric-

While it is not a fiber, satin is one of the three major types of weaves. Satin is made when every strand of the fabric is well-knitted and has a glossy surface on one side, and matte on the other.

satin unstitched fabric for kurta
Originally made from silk, satin can now be made from other fabrics such as polyester, wool and cotton. With its sleek, smooth surface, satin is often used in evening gowns and wedding gowns, lingerie, corsets, blouses, skirts, coats and shoes. It can also be used as a backing to other fabrics.

Silk Fabric-

While silk is used in many products today, it was once a fabric reserved for royalty and the wealthy. Its soft texture, light-reflecting sheen and subtle luster have long been associated with high-end fashion. However, today you can find silk in dresses, blouses and even pantsuits at a wide range of prices.

Silk fabric is made from the fibers of the cocoon of the Chinese silkworm which is spun into a smooth fabric prized for its softness. It is one of the strongest natural fibers but is less resistant to sunlight than other fabrics.

silk unstitched fabric for kurta
There are different types of silk available that vary in quality and price. Silk has a natural shine and luster which makes it great for creating eveningwear or blouses that can be worn for special occasions.

This fabric drapes well and has a tendency to cling to the body making it perfect for creating fitted garments that accentuate curves. Silk also works well when mixed with other fabrics such as cotton or wool to create softer silhouettes.

Silk comes in a variety of weaves including plain, twill, satin and crepe de chine. The plain weave creates a smooth surface while twill weaves create diagonal ribs on the face of it.

Synthetic Fabric-

Synthetic fabrics are made from man-made materials such as nylon, polyester, acrylic and spandex. Unlike natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics are derived from artificial sources like oil, coal and natural gas.

synthetic unstitched fabric for kurta

Synthetic fabrics have many uses because they are affordable to make and have desirable characteristics. In general, they are strong, durable and resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. They also dry quickly, which is why they are often used in athletic clothing. Additionally, synthetics don’t fade or stain easily.

However, synthetic fabrics also have a few drawbacks. Unlike natural fabric (cotton), synthetics don’t absorb moisture well and can make you sweat more. Plus, the quick-drying nature of most synthetic fabric means it doesn’t retain heat as well as natural fibers such as wool or down.

Velvet Fabric-

Velvet has a smooth pile effect on one side of the fabric, with one side having a raised pile surface. The textile’s quality is determined by the pile tuft’s density and how they are anchored to the base fabric.

Depending on the fiber used to make velvet, it can be inelastic or stretchy. Velvet can be made from cotton, linen, silk, nylon or polyester. It is used in clothing like blouses, shirts, coats, skirts, evening wear and outerwear.

velvet unstitched fabric for kurta

Velvet fabric comes from the Middle French word “veluete”, which means shaggy. It has a smooth texture because of its short and dense pile. This type of textile is commonly used in the manufacturing of upholstery, furniture and clothing, such as jackets, dresses, shirts, pants, skirts and lingerie.

Velvet can be made with many types of fibers, including cotton, rayon, wool and silk. These fabrics are flexible and soft to touch without the need to use any additional finishes. The material is also elastic in nature and it can stretch while still retaining its shape.

Woolen Fabric-

Woolen is a type of fabric made from the wool of animals such as sheep and goats. Woolen fabrics are warm, cozy, and durable. The fibers of woolen fabric trap air, allowing it to provide excellent insulation against cold temperatures.

woolen unstitched fabric for kurta
The most common types of wool include merino, mohair, boiled, and cashmere. Each type of wool has its own set of characteristics that make it unique. For example, merino is known for being soft and smooth. Mohair is known for being strong and durable.

Wool is typically used to make clothing items such as sweaters, socks, and scarves. It can also be used to make blankets or upholstery fabrics for furniture like couches and chairs.

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