Getting your hands on the best fabric for the summer season can prove to be a tough task. Summer is all about sunny days, cool drinks, and beautiful dresses. But, the scorching heat of summers can burn your skin in a jiffy.

Heavily loaded clothes and fabrics can make you feel uneasy under the blazing sun and so it's important to choose the right fabric for the summer season. 

Different kinds of fabrics are made especially to be used in summers because they wick away sweat while keeping us cool at the same time.
To make your summer season memorable, you should try to find the best fabric for the summer season. You can keep yourself cool and fresh by choosing just the right fabric to wear.

Don't get stuck in the crowd of summer fashion. Get the right trendy summer fabric to show your best colors this season.

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Let's Learn About The Best Fabric For The Summer Season

During the summer, fabrics play a prominent role in clothing. For example, when it comes to summer fabrics cotton and linen are among the favorite ones.


Below is a list of fabrics that go best with the scorching summer days. So, if you're still wondering which fabric would be suitable for the summer season then let’s read on. 


There is no doubt that cotton is the best fabric for the summer season. It is breathable, light, and soft to touch. The fabric is known for its inherent wicking ability, which helps in keeping you cool during summers.

Best summer fabric

Cotton fabrics are available in various textures including plain weave, twill, denim, and terry cloth. They are usually dyed in bright colors like red, green, blue, and orange which make them look vibrant and cheerful.

It is also very easy to maintain and care for, which makes it popular among people of all ages.

If you want to buy a cotton garment for the summer season, then there are a few things that you need to consider before doing so:

  1. Check the material used in making the garment. If it is 100% cotton, then it will be breathable and comfortable to wear. But if it contains synthetic fibers or other material like polyester or nylon, then avoid buying that particular piece of clothing as it would not be breathable at all!

  2. Look out for loose-fitting clothing that allows air circulation inside the fabric layers. This will keep you cool even when you are sweating profusely due to high temperatures outside!

  3. Check whether it has natural fibers like linen or silk mixed with cotton or not because these fibers add extra comfort while wearing them during hot weather conditions.


Linen is a versatile fabric that can be used in any season, however, it is most popular in summer when we want to feel cooler. It's also great for travel because it doesn't wrinkle easily and dries quickly if you get caught out by rain.

Best summer fabric


  1. Linen is lightweight, breathable, soft, and very durable. It has a high moisture absorption capacity and dries quickly when wet. Linen is also known to be wrinkle resistant which makes it easy to maintain.

  2. Linen can be worn in different styles like shirts, pants, skirts, etc., depending on where you want to wear it. You can also mix & match your clothes with linen so that you get a stylish look every time you step out of your house!

  3. Linen Linen is a breathable fabric that allows air to pass through easily and also keeps you cool. 

  4. It is highly absorbent and soaks up a sweat quickly, thus making it ideal for hot summers.

The material can be used in many ways like jackets, shirts, pants, etc., but mostly it is used for summer clothing because of its cooling properties.

What is the meaning of unstitched fabric?


Khadi is one of the best fabrics for the summer season. Khadi is a cotton fabric that has been popular in India for ages. The coarse and easy maintenance fabric is sure to keep you cool during the searing hot weather. It is perfect for summer as it keeps you cool and fresh.

Which is the best summer fabric

Khadi fabric has its origins in the freedom struggle of India. It was first introduced by Mahatma Gandhi during the Swadeshi movement, which began in 1906. He wore khadi clothes, promoted their use, and made them popular among all Indians.

Khadi is made from cotton or linen yarns that are spun by hand. It usually takes three months for a single person to weave one meter of khadi, which explains why it's so expensive compared to artificial fabrics like polyester and nylon.


  1. The fabric will not only keep you comfortable during summers but also help you stay healthy as it doesn't contain any chemicals or harmful substances like most synthetic textiles do. 

  2. You can wear this versatile fabric at home or even while traveling because it comes in different designs and colors that fit into any kind of occasion or season.

  3. Khadi clothes are made up of 100% cotton which makes them lightweight and breathable. So, if you want to beat the heat in summer then wear khadi clothes as they will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

  4. You can also opt for printed kurtas made from khadi material as these come in various designs and patterns that can add a bit of style to your look while keeping you cool at the same time!


Chambray is a favorite fabric of mine. It's the perfect mixture of comfort and style, and it just so happens to be one of my go-to fabrics for summer.

Which is the best summer fabric

Chambray is a type of woven fabric that has a unique weave pattern and coloration. The most common colors are blue and white, but there are other shades available as well.

Chambray is a high-quality cotton fabric with a rough surface and prominent weave patterns. It was first used as a workwear fabric by French sailors in the 19th century, but it has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Chambray can be mistaken for denim because of its texture and appearance, but it's a lot softer than denim.


  1. Chambray is best known for its versatility in fashion because it can be worn in multiple ways — from formal attire to casual daywear. 

  2. You can also wear it in different colors to create your style statement because chambrays come in many colors like red, green, grey, or even black!

  3. The most important thing to know about this textile is that it's not denim. Instead, chambray's texture makes it resemble denim but with a softer feel.

  4. Chambray comes in many shades, but it's most often seen in light blue shades that are perfect for summer wear. 

Although it looks great when paired with jeans, chambray works well with other materials like linen pants or shorts for a more casual look during warmer weather months.


In the summer season, cotton is considered to be the best fabric. However, many other fabrics can be worn during summers. One such fabric is silk. The delicate-looking silk fabric is one of the fabrics that can be worn during summers and winters.

Best summer fabric

The second reason why you should choose to wear silk clothing during the summer season is that it keeps your body cool due to its breathable nature. 

The pores present in the fabric allow air circulation inside it so that your body does not feel hot even when there is a high temperature outside

Due to its absorbing property, the fabric can be used during the sweaty summer season.


  1. Silk is a sturdy material and does not tear easily as normal clothes do during summers.

  2. It does not stick to your body or cause any discomfort when it is hot outside. This makes it an excellent choice for summer clothing options for both men and women alike!

  3. Silk does not retain moisture like other materials do which means you will never have to worry about sweating again! It dries almost instantly after being washed or wetted by rain or sweat.

  4. Silk fabric has many uses and it is also used in making various types of apparel like shirts, blouses, dresses, etc. It can also be used in making curtains and tablecloths.

Silk fabric is known as one of the most preferred choices by people who have sensitive skins because it doesn’t irritate their skin at all when worn over long periods.


Madras fabric is a type of cotton fabric that is made in Madras (Chennai). It has been used since the 1800s and was first used by British army officers to make their uniforms. It makes one of the finest fabrics for summers.

Which is the best summer fabric

The colorful plaids and texture of this fabric made it popular overseas during the 1960s and became a high-end fabric in western countries.

The Madras checks are a combination of colors that are vibrant and subtle at the same time. It is one of the most versatile fabrics that can be used in any season.

The Madras checks come in different colors like red, green, and blue with black cotton checks woven together to form an interesting pattern on the fabric. These checks look great when paired with denim jeans or shorts. They can also be matched with any solid-colored shirts or tops for an amazing look!


Seersucker has been around for centuries and was first used for shipping sails on boats. Seersucker is cool for summer, needs no ironing, and looks splendid making it one of the most suitable fabric options for your summer styles!

Which is the best summer fabric

Seersucker is a Persian word, ‘seer’ means milk and ‘shakar’ means sugar and when you touch the fabric you can feel both smooth and granule texture.

Seersucker has been worn by many famous personalities such as George W Bush, Barack Obama, Tom Hanks, John Kerry, etc.

Seersucker fabric is usually light blue or white with stripes of red, green, or grey on them but recently other colors like salmon pink have also been introduced into the market.


  1. The best thing about seersucker is that it doesn’t need ironing at all after washing, which makes it one of the most convenient fabrics for the summer season.

  2. Seersucker looks amazing on everyone irrespective of age, color, or gender because of its unique design pattern which gives an elegant look to the wearer.

  3. Seersucker is lightweight, preppy, and casual, making it an ideal choice for summer wear.

Seersucker suits every body type and skin tone because it has a very interesting texture that can make anyone look good in it. If you are wearing a seersucker suit then no matter if they are thin or fat they will look good in it because of its unique texture.


Lace is a summer fabric that is made of cotton and linen. It is a cloth that has been woven with a very fine thread to create a delicate openwork pattern.

Best fabric for the summer

The pattern may be made of simple holes, or it may be more elaborate, with flowers, scrolls, and other shapes forming intricate patterns. Lace can be made by hand or by machine.

Lace can be made from a single material or multiple materials. It can be hand-made or machine-made depending on the type of lace.


  1. Lace can be very delicate and is often used in layers on garments to add interest without adding bulkiness.

  2. Lace has been around for centuries, but it is not just for lingerie anymore. Lace can be used to make tops, dresses, and even shirts.

  3. Lace has become a very popular fashion trend in recent years because of its unique texture and style that can make any outfit stand out.

  4. Lace is used on many different types of garments today, including wedding dresses, blouses, and even lingerie.

  5. There are several different types of lace available including crocheted lace, needlepoint lace, and appliquéd lace which are all made using different methods and materials.

Lace is often used as an accent on other fabrics like silk or satin because it allows air circulation through the material during warm weather months. In addition to this property, lace has several other aesthetic qualities that make it desirable for use as an accent for clothing items such as tops and skirts.


Fresco fabrics have many advantages over other types of fabrics such as cotton and wool due to their durability and performance characteristics such as wrinkle resistance and fast drying time after getting wet. This makes it more desirable fabric in summers.

Which is the best summer fabric

Fresco fabric is a lightweight, breathable and fast-drying fabric that dries quickly. It’s made with a unique construction that provides the wearer with a fresh feeling even when it’s worn on a sunny day. Fresco is derived from the Italian word, alfresco which means fresh.

It also breathes well which means that it won’t get hot when you’re wearing it on a hot day or under direct sunlight exposure.

Fresco fabrics also dry quickly after getting wet which makes them ideal for active sports activities like hiking and camping where you need to wear lightweight clothing but still want to stay dry during your activity.


  1. It is a super soft fabric that feels like silk but is equally durable as cotton. 

  2. It dries quickly, which makes it perfect for athletes who want to stay cool during hot summer days.

  3. You can find fresco fabrics in the market in different colors, patterns, and designs. They are commonly used for making apparel such as shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, and more.

  4. Fresco fabrics are highly durable because they are composed of 100% polyester fibers that do not break easily when stretched or pulled. They can also withstand frequent washing without losing their color or shape.

The material is made from recycled polyester fabrics such as old T-shirts, shirts, pants, and other clothing items that are no longer usable due to wear and tear or because they have faded after repeated washing.

Lawn Cloth-

Looking for some comfy cloth for this summer season? The lightweight, baby soft feel of the lawn cloth will make your day. Lawn cloth is a lightweight, semi-sheer fabric woven in linen and cotton.

Which is the best summer fabric

This fabric has a smooth texture and will pacify you from the scorching heat. Lawn cloth is used to make shirts, dresses, and other garments that require a light material. It is also used to make bedsheets and curtains for room decoration.

Lawn cloth is made from two types of yarns: one type of yarn that makes up 80% of the total weight while another type comprises 20% weight. The first type is made up of linen while the second type consists of cotton threads which are then twisted together to form a single thread. 

These threads are then woven together into a single cloth by using looms that have different sizes depending on how wide they would like their lawn cloth to be.

In India, it was also used as an alternative to saris and other traditional clothing items like pajamas, kurtas, pajamas, etc. This fabric was used by men as well as women alike by creating different styles out of it depending on the occasion or season.

Lawn cloth is available in both solid colors as well as prints so you can choose one according to your choice and taste at affordable prices online.

Is Rayon Fabric Good For Summer?

Rayon fabrics are usually made from viscose which means that these fabrics are very lightweight but not as durable as other materials like cotton or wool. Let's read further to find out if rayon fabric is good for summer wear.

Which is the best summer fabric


  1. Rayon fabrics are known for their softness and comfort. They are also wrinkle-free and easy to iron. The texture of rayon fabric makes it great for all kinds of garments like dress shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, and even dresses.

  2. Rayon is a type of man-made fiber made from cellulose and it has a glossy look like silk fabric but is inexpensive compared to silk. 

  3. Rayon fabrics have a soft feel and are easy to wash. 

  4. They are also lightweight, durable, wrinkle-resistant, and can be dyed in a variety of colors.

  5. Rayon fabrics have many applications such as blouses, shirts, skirts, and dresses.

Rayon fabrics are often made from bamboo fibers or other plant-based sources such as cotton or flax. They are basically made from cellulose which is obtained from trees or plants by processing them into pulp before spinning them into yarns and finally weaving them into fabrics.


We are sure this helped you in getting a best resort wear for your summer vacations. Go through the above article and pick out the best fabric for yourself this summer. You can wear them to office, on a daily basis or for a night out. These clothes wick away moisture from the body and prevent sweat from soaking your clothes.

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