When you see a piece of fabric that is not neatly stitched, it may not mean much. However, if you understand the meaning of unstitched fabric, you’ll know what to look for. Let’s take a look at what this term means and how you can identify it below.

Stitched fabric is what you’re used to seeing on clothes, upholstered furniture, curtains, etc. It’s the look and feel of something that is sewn together with a needle and thread. This method of sewing requires that all the pieces of fabric be cut out and sewn together before the final sewing process.

unstitched fabric for kurta

In the world of sewing, unstitched fabric means any fabric that has been cut and sewn together before being turned into a garment or home decor item.
Unstitched fabric items can be purchased at fabric stores and online.

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Unstitched fabric is ideal for crafts and sewing projects that involve adding fake seams and darts. It’s not ideal for projects that require a perfect fit, or those that require a professional seamstress or tailor.



When you think of clothing, chances are you think of fabric, thread, sewing machines and zippers. But what about all the other stuff that happens to the clothes we buy? For example, how are the materials these clothes are made out of processed? Do the clothes have to be made out of specific materials? What are the benefits of unstitched clothes?

Fabric is the most basic building block of any piece of clothing. It’s made up of natural and man-made materials and is used to create our wardrobes. Today, there are many different types of fabric, from cotton to polyester, and each type has unique properties.


  • Unstitched fabric is often used to create custom garments. It can be sewn by hand or machine and paired with a variety of different materials.

  • Unstitched fabric is available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Designs are printed on the fabric using different techniques like tie-dyeing, screen printing, or batik.

  • Unstitched fabrics are usually sold in their natural state without being washed or dyed. This allows you to dye them yourself if desired.

  • Unstitched fabrics are perfect for people who want to make their own clothes without buying a pattern or going through the trouble of sewing. It is also common for tailors to sell unstitched fabrics as part of their business.

  • A tailor will usually measure the customer, cut the fabric, and sew the garment at a later date. Unstitched fabrics can be purchased at fabric stores and online.

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Cotton fabric is a natural, soft fabric that's permeable and durable. Cotton is one of the most widely used fabrics in the world. The term cotton can be applied to numerous kinds of fibers and fabrics.

From fine, lightweight cottons that are perfect for warm weather clothing to heavy-gauge work shirts, there are different types of cotton fabrics for different uses. 


Chiffon fabric is a thin sheer fabric that is very similar to gauze. Both are of Middle Eastern, Arabic, and European origin. The word chiffon is French for cloth and was coined in the late 18th century in response to what was said to be the muslin cloth made in France at the time.


 Crepe fabric is a lightweight, rough, bumpy-textured fabric which is typically found in silk and wool blends. Crepe is also called after its fiber, for example crepe silk. There are a few types of crepe, producing a slightly different look but they all come under the category of crêpe.


Originally developed for use in hard-wearing clothing and workwear, denim is a classic fabric that is still very much in fashion today. It's made of cotton and is commonly used to make jeans and other types of pants, skirts, jackets, dresses, and shirts.


Lace is a type of fabric that is made in a variety of ways, but it has one thing in common: there are holes or spaces in the material. That's why lace fabrics are often delicate, airy, and translucent. You can find this kind of fabric in a wide range of colors, patterns, cuts, and designs.


Leather is a natural material and will age with time. When cared for properly, a well-made leather item can last for decades. For example, the oldest leather jacket in the world is over 2,000 years old and was found in Thebes, Greece.


Linen is a natural fiber and a very strong, durable fabric. It is resistant to high temperatures, bacteria, and fungi. After the cotton plant, linen is the second most popular fiber in the world. The use of linen dates back to the beginning of human history.


Satin fabric with its glossy and flat surface is a versatile fabric that has gained popularity in different areas through the years. Before you get interested in satin, here are a few things to know about it, including its history, uses and care instructions.


Silk fabrics are used in women's clothing and in home décor items. People look to silk for its fine appearance, durable nature and inherent comfort. Nevertheless, many people do not know much about it or how it is made.


Velvet is a sophisticated fabric that can work well for either home décor or apparel. Velvet fabric is created in a very unique way, there are two sides to the pile. The pile of both sides is raised, with one side having more of a tight weave. Velvet’s pile color and sheen are determined by how it is woven.


Synthetic fabrics are made from man-made materials such as nylon, polyester, acrylic and spandex. Unlike natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, synthetic fabrics are derived from artificial sources like oil, coal and natural gas.


Wool fabric is a type of fabric made from the fibers of soft, furry animals, like sheep or goats. For thousands of years, people have used wool to make fabric for clothing, bedding, and other items. Wool fabrics are warm and sturdy and resist dirt and stains better than other fabrics.

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Raymond Limited, based out of Mumbai, accounts for more than 60% of the Indian Suiting market. Also, it is the largest manufacturer of woolen fabrics in the country.

unstitched fabric for kurta

The company caters to its wide base of customers with the help of its huge distribution network of 4000 multi brand outlets and well over 1100 exclusive retail shops spread across the country. 

Its chain of stores are present in over 150 cities and it and its fabrics are made available for its users through over 30,000 outlets in over 400 towns.

Moreover, Raymonds has been a leading player in the shirting fabric sector and is one of the top over-the-counter brands in India.


FabIndia is a unique kind of Indian retail brand that deals in a range of products including clothing, furniture, fabrics, and cultural items which it procure from artisans in rural India. 

unstitched fabric for kurta

In the Initial days, the brand began its operation as an exporter of home Furnishing products before venturing into the Indian domestic market. The brand established its first Store in the greater Kailash area, New Delhi, under John Bissell, an American working for the Ford foundation in New York.

As of 2020, the brand operated over 300 outlets in India and 14 stores in foreign land.

The brand gets its products from rural India, and as a result it helps in providing jobs to over 40,000 artisans in the country.


When it comes to vertically integrated textile manufacturers, KPR Mill Limited is one of the largest in India. The company is engaged in the production of yarn, knitted and dye fabrics, in addition to readymade garments. 

unstitched fabric for kurta

The KPR company uses machinery and equipment of the international standards that helps it claim its leading position in the industry. The products Produced by the company are used by some of the top apparel brands in the fashion industry.

The company is one of the best textile brands in the country with the capacity of producing over 95 million garments per annum.


Grasim Industries Limited is a subsidiary of the Indian business house Aditya Birla Group.

unstitched fabric for kurta

Grasim Industries Limited is the world leader in viscose rayon fiber manufacturing. The company was established in 1947 and is based out of Mumbai, Maharashtra. The company is engaged in production of viscose filament yarn and viscose staple fiber.

The company caters to the needs of the fashion brands in the United States and United Kingdom. 

Company has ventured into various industries including cement, chemicals, and financial services like Asset Management and life insurance.


Founded in 1985, DH group focuses on product Research and designing, world class manufacturing facilities and efficient supply chain management.

The Company caters to the needs of private labeling for some of the world renowned brands in the industry.

unstitched fabric for kurta

BH company is a vertically integrated company meaning along with the production of fabrics caters to the needs of movement of products produced with the inhouse transportation facilities. 

The Group focuses on the manufacturing distribution and retailing of the textile. The company is a home textile major with strong presence in the foreign markets.

The company  stands strong amongst the world's largest manufacturing facilities which produces upholstery fabrics, drapery fabrics, bed linen goods.


Welspun India Limited is one of the top Indian textile brands in terms of sales. Welspun India Limited is a global leader in the home textile industry and caters to the needs of 17 of the top 30 global brands in home textile. 

unstitched fabric for kurta

Production facilities of the company in India match with the Global standards of production that helps deliver quality of the highest level.


unstitched fabric for kurta

Vardhman Textiles Limited is a full service manufacturer, meaning they will do everything for their customers, including-

  • Sourcing the fabrics,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Packaging of the products produced, and
  • Sometimes even the distribution on their customers behalf.

The two primary segments of the Vardhman Textiles Limited include Textiles and fiber. The company also manufactures and exports fabrics and cotton yarn. Some Of the products produced by the company include organic cotton, Core spun yarn, ultra yarn, cellulose yarn, and fancy hand knitted yarn.

The company uses over 1.1 million spindles which weigh  around 580 metric tons. The manufacturing plants of the company are located in Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh.

The company provides its products to the world, including the European Union, the United States, and to major parts of Asia.


Today Rupa brand is unquestionably the number one knitwear brand in country. The company caters to the needs of net wear for every segment of the market with products ranging from garments for inner wear to the casual wear needs. 

Rupa has managed to emerge as a leading textile brand both in India and abroad.


Arvind Ltd., a textile maker, is one of the Lalbhai Group's principal venture. With its headquarter in Gujarat's Naroda, India and its units in Santej, Gujarat, near Kalol, Arvind Ltd. manufactures a wide range of garments. The range of the garments produced by Arvind Ltd. includes cotton garments, knits, khaki fabrics to denim. Also, Arvind Ltd. is touted as one of the largest denim manufacturers in India.

unstitched fabric for kurta

Arvind Ltd. sells its products with the brand names like Flying Machine, New Port, Excalibur through its wide network of retail outlets across the country.

Moreover, it sells brands like Arrow, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein in India through its licensed agreements.

Also, it sells its company-branded products through company owned entities like Arvind Store, Megamart, and Unlimited.


Bombay Dyeing which was founded in the year 1879 is one of the primary businesses of the renowned Nusli Wadia group. The founding stones of the company were laid by Nowrosjee Wadia, who made a humble beginning with cotton yarn dyed in three colors namely red, green and orange. 

unstitched fabric for kurta

Company is one of the Major textile exporters of the country.

The company is engaged in the production of a variety of cotton and polyester suitings,towels, tabletops, napkins, shoe linings, satin bed sets, and much more.

But textile manufacturing remains the primary business of the company. The company has 5 production facilities that meet international standards. The company produces over 3 lakh tonnes of fabric per day.


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Unstitched fabric is fabric that is not sewn together. You may have already come across unstitched fabric in your clothing. It is typically used for making up t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and other garments where the seams will show.

The fabric is stretched and shaped before being cut and sewn together. Because it is unstitched, it does not have any closures and is therefore much lighter than a garment that has been made with zippers and buttons.

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